christian berishaj aka JMSN, 2014 // the polaroid project

artists/bands you might not know about but SHOULD know about - vol. II

supercookie, 2014
oh captain! my captain! my genie, my robot, my mrs. doubtfire who made me terrified of board games and wish to be one of the lost boys. thank you for making the world better. rest in peace sir - forever my childhood hero.
  1. dustin tebbutt - bones (fractures remix)
  2. thylacine - dad (feat. camille despres)
  3. coldplay - magic (moseqar remix)
  4. shura - just once
  5. holpium - dreamers (feat. phoebe lou)
  6. laurel - to the hills (SBMRGE remix)
  7. jane tyrrell - wild waters
  8. FAMY - ava epilogue
  9. RHODES - your soul
  10. robyn sherwell - love somebody
  11. astronomyy - u make me feel good
  12. beat connecion - hesitation (jerome LOL remix)
  13. sir sly - you haunt me
  14. jordan bratton - must be
  15. marti ann - orange spray (prod. by ferraz)
  16. vaults - lifespan
  17. erik hassle - pathetic (chrome sparks remix)
  18. tomas barford - busy baby (feat. nina k) (oliver nelson remix)
  19. waylayers - take hold
  20. sky ferreira - everything is embarrassing
  21. we are the brave - your ghost
  22. BROODS - L.A.F.
  23. years and years - breathe (blu cantrell cover)
  24. BANKS - begging for thread
  25. chet faker x goldlink - on you
  26. CLUB KURU - seesaw
  27. astronomyy - nothin on my mind
  28. we the wild - trampoline (lovelife remix)
  29. james vincent mcmorrow - cavalier (samuraii remix)
  30. ryan hemsworth - one for me (feat. tinashe) (lucas remix)
  31. chet faker - gold
brunch, 2014
dan rothman and dot major of london grammar, 2014 // peter edition // the polaroid project
polaroid, 2014
summer, 2014
thugs, 1993
sight, 2013
busine$$, 2014
jeff curtin, josh hayden kolenik, juan pieczanski and ryan heyner of small black // the polaroid project
Anonymous asked:
you're so creative and smart and ugh i want to be you! i love your taste in music and i love your photography, especially your polaroids. i go to a lot of too and in general i just want to start documenting my life in photographs. do you have any good camera recommendations? i like polaroids, but which polaroid do i get?! also, do you know of any other cameras that may give off an older vibe in the photos? i love the aged look. sorry for all the questions! i just feel like you'd be great to ask.

hi sweetie, sorry for taking so long to get back to you. i havent been on my tumblr in ages.. but thank you for the lovely words ((: if you are trying to go for an older vibe, i would definitely suggest polaroids or film. i have an instax mini 7s, which i use for the portraits, and an instax 210 - lanscapes, etc. if you want to go for the original square format, the impossible project has made them available once again and you can find some used cameras on ebay, but make sure it says they have been tested so you know they work. however, if you are undecided, i suggest you get the instax 210, and if you do, get it on amazon or ebay, NOT at urban outfitters - its a lot cheaper and you can find great deals. if not polaroids, you can do film. you can never go wrong with a 35mm, the canon AE-1 is a pretty good camera and its usually affordable. im a nikon at heart, but they tend to be more expensive.. pentax and minolta also work. the best advise i can give you is to browse on ebay and see which one you like more and goes with your budget. and if you dont want to buy one yet, play around with disposable cameras. i get those all the time (: hope this was helpful! im here if you need anything else or have any other questions. xx