well, fuck. i dont even know where to begin.. when this all started, i had no idea it would grow to what it is today. what started as a way to overcome my emotional and artistic block, turned out to be my biggest font of inspiration and joy. this not only became my hobby and my job, but also my life. i havent cared for something this much in a long time, and i almost forgot how good it feels to be satisfied with something you are so passionate about. so much has changed from the night i went back home with my first three polaroids and so much will change in a year from now. i still have so much to find, so much to feel, so much to learn, but for once i feel like im doing something right, like im going in the right direction. in this life you have to do things that get your blood racing and just go for the jump. taking this leap of faith was the greatest thing i could have ever done. this year has been intense and rewarding on so many levels, and words cannot express how grateful i am. to the bands and management for being so kind, welcoming and accepting towards my project and me. to my family and friends for supporting me and bearing with me. to anyone that has been following me through this journey, sharing their love and, sometimes, not so much love. thank you for allowing me to express myself in my own way and believing in me, and believing in my work. thank you for making this experience unique and something i will always cherish and carry with me. 

we are young, we are human and we are beautiful and we hold all the power in our hands, we just have to make that jump. so just do it, no matter how crazy it sounds. no matter how many people tell you it cant happen. you have the tools you need and the ones you dont, you make them. you can have anything if you want it enough. its not easy - it requires constant work, time, sacrifices, and most likely money - but you know what? its all worth it. so do yourself a favor and go out there and make it happen. not for someone, but for yourself. 

the future is a blur, but there is a lot more to come from the polaroid project. you have only seen the tip of the iceberg ;)
max hershenow and lizzy plapinger of MS MR, 2014 // the polaroid project
msgrass asked:
Fuck the haters! I love your work and think you are extremely talented in all forms of art. Cheers

love you sara <3

Anonymous asked:
-and think you are a really nice person. I'm glad you don't let those anons opinions effect you. Love you Xx

(part II)

you are the sweetest, thank you. haters gonna hate because they dont have anything better to do, but like my mother always says, if they are hating it means you are doing something right. much love to you, you lovely person <3

Anonymous asked:
I don't understand how people can call you names when you show so little about yourself and your life. And the times you did, you never sounded like someone who gets things by doing any kind of sexual favours. It upsets me because i really like you-

(part I)

Anonymous asked:
I find you sly and manipulative. To use a project to get close to famous people and brag about it on every social media is disgusting. You stalk these people and God only knows what you do to get the pictures. Just because you are pretty doesn't make you successful nor talented, you are just a clown, get off your high horse.

i usually dont waste my time replying to people who would judge and analyze my life and ethics, rather than build a life of their own. but this message was a perfect mashup of the things ive been getting lately, and as much as i dont care, im going to take the opportunity to clear up a few things.

if i wanted to brag about the opportunities im given, the people i meet, the friendships that are built, i easily could. however, i find it tasteless and uncalled for as well as disrespectful, so i dont. to post polaroids, whether on my website, instagram or twitter, is just as fair as sharing your music, artwork, and/or photos of your friends. “its not the same”, why? as far as i know, they are just pictures, whether the subject is my mother or jillian banks. they are both just people, and if you knew anything about my project, you would know thats exactly the point im trying to make. im not interested in the fame or the name these individuals have made for themselves. not everyone has the intention of taking advantage of peoples statuses. i didnt start this project because i wanted to get close to famous people and use them. yes, ive made friends along the way, but that was never the goal. i was attending shows way before i started the polaroid project and when given the chance, i would exchange a few words with the artists. im a curious being, i love meeting new people and theres nothing like a sincere conversation face to face. eventually i started taking pictures as well, and yes, at the beginning i would wait around after shows, but i always asked permission to snap the pictures and never have i imposed myself. i have been drunk and made a fool of myself before, but ive always been respectful and genuine. whenever you start something, the hardest part is to get the ball rolling. you have to work and use what you have, and thats what i did. with time i built a portfolio, which created credibility, and now i always contact management prior to shows.

this project means the world to me and i take it very seriously and professionally. i consider it my job and finance everything myself, so if i didnt care about it and the meaning behind it, i wouldnt invest so much time, energy and money into it. so, sorry to ruin your fantasy, but i dont hook up or give blow jobs in order to get the pictures. you dont always have to be “sly and manipulative” and fuck your way into getting things. to you it might just look like a lot of fun - going to shows all the time and meeting these people - and it is, but i work my ass off. it can be exhausting, and it requires sacrifices and full commitment.

with that said, you are free to say and think whatever you want. ill keep investing all my heart in what i do, whether people like/respect my work or not.

  1. the xx - reconsider (jamie xx edit)
  2. SOHN - the chase
  3. the kite string tangle - arcadia
  4. josef salvat - shoot and run
  5. sundara karma - indigo puff
  6. zella day - compass
  7. little shoes big voice - blue veins
  8. laura welsh x ang low - lifeline
  9. C A T H E D R A L S - OOO AAA
  10. VERITE - weekend
  11. kwabs - walk
  12. shannon saunders - sheets
  13. shy girls - all for show (prod. by jono ma)
  14. panama - stay forever
  15. james vincent mcmorrow - cavalier (SAFIA cover)
  16. alt-j - every other freckle
  17. parker ighile - this is america (feat. g-eazy)
  18. BASTILLE - bad news
  19. pin tweaks - girl on the wire
  20. cambio sun - weight of the world
  21. emile haynie - a kiss goodbye (feat. charlotte gainsbourg, devonte hynes and sampha)
  22. BROODS - four walls
  23. pearl - not enough
  24. kimberly anne - almost on my feet
  25. jessie ware - say you love me
  26. the harpoons - unforgettable
  27. raury x vancouver sleep clinic - superfly
  28. raury - cigarette song (snakeship remix)
  29. coucheron - deep end (feat. eastside and mayer hawthorne) (matoma remix)
  30. thrupence - prelude
chris &#8220;woody&#8221; wood, william farquarson, dan smith and kyle j simmons of bastille, 2014 // the polaroid project
parallels, 2014
polarizzle, 2014
cotton candy, 2014
polaroid, 2014
monica birkenes aka mr little jeans, 2014 // the polaroid project
christian berishaj aka JMSN, 2014 // the polaroid project